PowerPoint Presentations on the Go – CCView

We were recently introduced to a new application called CCView (currently in beta) that allows users to run a PowerPoint presentation – from any computer, iPad or smartphone – without PowerPoint installed on the display machine.  Developed by Xavier Morera, this is something you may want to take a look at as it makes little work of distributing your PowerPoint files either for customer/client viewing or without having to worry about whether or not the machine where you’ll be doing your presentation has either PowerPoint or a PowerPoint viewing app.

How easy is it to use this application?

It probably doesn’t get much simpler.

Just go to the CCView web site, create an account and upload your PowerPoint file and your ready to go.

Creating an account is simple – just fill in your user name, email address and password:

After creating a user account, then simply upload a file:

Once your PowerPoint presentation is uploaded, then you can easily start a presentation by simply choosing it:

At this point, you’ll see your presentation’s opening slide:

Or you can choose which slide you want to go to by selecting it from the all slides option:

To allow others to join the presentation, just send them an invitation via email:

Once they have the URL, they just click on it or they can simply use the meeting ID and join the meeting remotely (and they’ll see the PowerPoint presentation in full screen):

What’s nice about this is as the presenter changes from one slide to the next, the joiner will see the same slide.

All in all, this is a pretty handy utility when your potential client or customer doesn’t have PowerPoint  (or you don’t want to take the time to have him install a PowerPoint Viewer app) and / or you want to make a presentation from a remote location.  In as much time as it takes to upload your ppt(x) files and sending an email you can be giving your presentation.

Costs:  Free at the moment, but costs will be determined in the near future.

A little history on Xavier Morera, the developer:

Xavier has been working with the Software Synergy Group for some time as our web developer and in fact, the website you are visiting right now was designed, implemented and custom coded by him.  Additionally, what may not be quite obvious is that he also did the custom WordPress design which makes this blog appear and function exactly as our web site does.  Not only has he done an excellent job on both tasks, he’s also assisted us with SEO (search engine optimization) as he has a solid background in these often cumbersome and confusing tasks.  If you’re looking for someone to do this sort of work, take a look at Xavier’s web site (Marketing Quantum) – he comes highly recommended from us as he completes work both competently and in a very timely manner.


This product is currently in beta and some bugs remain that are being worked out.

Also note that when using any application in the cloud to store confidential company data, keep in mind that unless you are able to encrypt data files using conventional methods of cryptography, that data can be compromised.  Use care and prudence when sending or storing confidential data over the ‘net.

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